About us

Saurabh Kumar, an ex NIFTian (Hyderabad) and a pedagogue with an experience of 15 years in design education decided to use his experience to guide the students wanting to study design.

At SDEPC, we ensure that a batch contains not over fifteen students and a focused teaching environment with personalized coaching is provided to each student. These are the principles on which Saurabh Design Entance Preaparation Classes has built its reputation among the design school aspirants.

The coaching modules have been designed keeping in mind the examination pattern of all major design school entrances. After the completion of the first round of entrances (written test) all the students are extensively trained for the studio/ situation and Group Discussion/ Personal Interview rounds.

With passing years, more and more students have become a part of this family, and it is indeed by their recommendations that the classes have become a name to reckon with in design school entrance preparation.

The atmosphere at Saurabh Sir’s is such that even after the duration of their classes is over, the students continue to drop in out of their love for their dearest sir. During breaks from their design colleges the alumnus, always pay a visit here to share their experiences with the mentor and the new batch of students.

Studio & Situation Test Model

Clay Modelling Workshop

Sketches by Students at SDEPC

Poster Design

Life at SDEPC

Download Sample Papers

We have uploaded a few sample papers based on previous year’s question papers. These papers are intended to provide the students a general idea of the examination pattern and the level of questions expected. We in tend to add more papers in this section in due course of time.